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The Brain Science Behind Student Trauma: Stress and trauma inhibit students’ ability to learn

Perry, B.D. The Brain Science Behind Student Trauma Education Week  December 13, 2016


The Long and Winding Road: From Neuroscience to Policy, Program, Practice

Perry, B.D. The long and winding road: from neuroscience to policy, program, practice  In Sight Victorian Council of Social Service, Berry Street Childhood Institute  Issue 9,  2014


Curiosity, Pleasure and Play: A Neurodevelopmental Perspective

Perry, B.D., Hogan, L., Marlin, S. Curiosity, pleasure and play: a neurodevelopmental perspective  HAAEYC Advocate  August 2000


Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children: Consequences of Emotional Neglect in Childhood

Perry, B.D. Bonding and attachment in maltreated children: Consequences of emotional neglect in childhood  CTA Parent and Caregiver Education Series  Volume 1: Issue 3, ChildTrauma Academy Press  1999   Also available in Spanish HERE.


The Meaning in Words: How words come to have meaning.

Perry, B.D.  The Meaning in Words.  Early Childhood Today 15:5, 19-20, 2001


How Sounds Become Words

“I love my baby. She’s mine. Don’t take her. I love my baby.”  


A Place For Everyone: Nurturing Each Child’s Niche

Perry, B.D.  A Place for Everyone: Nurturing Each Child’s Niche.  Early Childhood Today  15:8, 21 2001


Curiosity: The Fuel of Development

Perry, B.D.  Curiosity: The Fuel of Development.  Early Childhood Today 15:6, 22-23 2001


The Developmental Hot Zone

Helping children move from the comfortable and familiar, and take on new challenges.  Also available in Spanish HERE.


Creating an Emotionally Safe Classroom

Why are the first days of the new school year so important?  What can teachers do during these first weeks to help their new students come to enjoy school and love learning?   Also available in Spanish HERE.




The Importance of Early Childhood and Relationships

See Dr. Perry’s presentation on at the 2013 Chicago Idea’s Week: Edison Talks Perry, B.D., (Chicago Idea’s Week). (2013) Departures: The Nature of Humankind [Video webcast] Retrieved from




How Trauma Affects Child Brain Development

Dr. Bruce Perry talks about his research showing how a child’s environment, particularly those who encounter trauma, affects brain development.  Perry, B.D.,  How trauma affects child brain development.  KUNM, NPR Affiliate (2014) [Radio broadcast]

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